Sure-Pak MREs with Heaters (21-Dec-18)

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  • Produced on December 21, 2018
  • 12 meals per case (2 each of 6 flavors)
  • 5 year shelf life
  • Flameless ration heater in each meal

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*(to contiguous US States only)

Product Features

Each Sure-Pak 12 meal case contains 12 individual meal kits—two each of six menus— which may include vegetarian options. Each meal kit contains an entrée, side dish, dessert item, cracker or wheat bread and spread, beverage powder, and a condiment pack with a spoon, napkin, wet nap, salt, pepper, coffee, creamer and sugar.

Julian Date Code (date of manufacture):

  • 8355, or December 21, 2018


Current Lot Menus

  • Menu 1: Chili Mac
  • Menu 2: Shreeded Beef BBQ
  • Menu 3: Veggie Taco
  • Menu 4: Cheese tortellini
  • Menu 5: Asian Beef Strips
  • Menu 6: Beef Brisket
  • Menu 7: Chili Mac
  • Menu 8: Shreeded Beef BBQ
  • Menu 9: Veggie Taco
  • Menu 10: Cheese tortellini
  • Menu 11: Asian Beef Strips
  • Menu 12: Beef Brisket

*Menus may subject to change without notice.

This pack includes flameless ration heaters in all MREs. Sure-Pak meals contain between 900 to 1,250 calories per meal, depending on the entrée and individual components. A minimum of two meals per person per day is recommended for a 72-hour period. No refrigeration required. Higher temps reduce shelf life. Do not freeze.

All made in the U.S.

7 reviews for Sure-Pak MREs with Heaters (21-Dec-18)

  1. 5 out of 5


    Over the past few months I have become interested in disaster preparedness, especially since the blizzard of 09. As a result I went online and ordered a number of half cases of MREs to try with my family in the interest of determining which brands that I should purchase.

    To do this I had all three members of my family taste each entrée and rate it on a four point scale: Check plus – very good, Check -acceptable to good, Check minus – I’d eat it, and X – I’d rather starve.

    I also had everyone rate the general quality of the MRE on the same scale. This includes the raw amount of food, the overall quality of the side dishes (if any) and the sides, and the overall taste of the sides and snacks.

    After eating MREs for the entire New Year’s three day weekend these Sopacs tied for first place with the A-Packs. (There was one MRE that did better then both of these, but they are almost impossible to find and are expensive because shipping is not included in the price per case. Since these were originally made for a certain security company that used to be named after dark “water” and were sold after they scaled back their operations in Iraq you can understand their scarcity.)

    The quality of the Sopacs is excellent. There is plenty of food. Every Sopac MRE comes with a moist side dish like a military MRE. This is a slight plus over the A-packs because it helps to give greater variety to the meals. Besides, if you are in a survival situation you want to be reminded of the “good ole days” through the foods that you eat. I imagine most people have corn, rice, and the like as side dishes most nights… and that’s exactly what you get in each Sopac. However no-one in my family was really thrilled with the “Mexican corn” or the “fried rice” sides. I guess we eat too much authentic ethnic cuisine to enjoy either one.

    With that said I have purchased a supply of Sopacs in case of a “rainy day” and I plan on purchasing more in the near future. I also have a few cases of the other two brands on hand just in case. Remember that during a multi -week disaster situation you will need to eat a variety of foods to avoid “menu fatigue” – you don’t want to get so tired of eating the same thing over and over to the point that you just don’t want to eat anything. Thus it’s a good idea to include multiple types of entrees in your disaster store for variety. You also need to remember that the U.S. government has stated that a person shouldn’t eat MREs for more then 20 days at the time. So if you’re planning to store more then three weeks worth of food you will want to include some freeze dried foods in addition to MREs. You will also need some multi vitamins as well…

    Good luck with your disaster preparedness purchases. Remember, you need to prepare now because when a disaster strikes it is too late.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I’m no stranger to MRE’s. After 24 years in the military, I’ve used them a lot. I purchased a case to supplement my disaster preparedness supplies and found them to be exactly as I expected. These come from one of the same companies that packages MREs under Government contract. Good for short camping trips and emergencies. Just make sure you work up a sweat after eating them because they’re loaded with calories (and they’re supposed to be)! Throw out the coffee unless you need to be dehydrated.

  3. 5 out of 5


    I purchased some time back not really knowing what to expect. I had an opportunity to pop one of the mre’s open, use the heater and eat away. I was very pleased with the taste, functioning of the heater, and overall experience with this particular brand. I ate everything but the pineapple packet and saved that. I anticipate purchasing more of these and encourage anyone else to give them a try.

  4. 5 out of 5


    Picked these up just in case, power goes out and need a warm meal. Surprised how hot the heater was. Carefull not to put too much water. Product is tasty too. Recommend.

  5. 4 out of 5


    Many years ago I ate C-Rats while stationed in South Viet Nam. These MREs are a great improvement over C-Rats and some of them were actually quite tasty. While I didn’t use the enclosed heating pouch, I found that heating the meals in a microwave was fast and easy.

  6. 5 out of 5


    Purchased for my son to take on camping trips we took 2 meals (pork patty & roast beef with veggies) on a long biking trip.
    incredibly easy to heat with a few teaspoons of water, very very tasty. My only warning would be after you eat a filling meal give yourself a break before biking/hiking.

  7. 5 out of 5


    I have finally finished off this case so I’m here to report in. I eat these for lunch most days, so for under $10 a day I have a meal I can heat anywhere and have great nutritional values. I bought this box and a box of legitimate military MRE’s, but guess what, the ONLY difference was the outside package. The contents are made and packaged by the same companies. Great, modern, selection of snacks like pound cakes and cookies, wonderful entrees and side items. Dairy shakes and cappuccinos, coffee and creamer packs. Basically everything in a typical military MRE minus matches in the accessory pack. Will buy again, I’m not going to go looking for cheaper options.

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