, the world’s most comprehensive source of information about Meals, Ready to Eat (MREs) has launched a new online store: MRE Marketplace provides one-stop online purchasing of MREs and components from trusted U.S. Department of Defense contractors.

MRE Marketplace offers a superior MRE shopping experience to civilians and commercial buyers. Specifically, MRE Marketplace products provide the following:

  • Complete, detailed menu and nutritional information
  • Guaranteed production dates for optimal shelf life
  • Two-day shipping

“Unlike Amazon, MRE Marketplace provides up-to-date menus and Julian date codes so you know exactly what you’re getting,” says Kinton Connelly, president of MREInfo. “We’re combining the power of the MREInfo brand with the retail expertise of the manufacturers to deliver the best possible MRE shopping experience.”

MRE Marketplace removes the uncertainty typically associated with purchasing MREs online by enforcing strict quality control. “You shouldn’t purchase MREs from vendors you can’t trust,” says Connelly. “When disaster strikes, you aren’t going to be sustained by expired and/or compromised emergency food.”

Often, MREs are sold without the authority or approval of the U.S. Government on eBay, Amazon, and in surplus stores, after being discarded by the military. In a 2006 military investigation, 75 percent of targeted MRE sellers were found to have illegally acquired their products — one seller admitted to taking over 60 MREs from a military base dumpster. At MRE Marketplace, all vendors are required to specify complete menus and the production date to ensure online shoppers know what they’re buying.

“Our mission is to connect shoppers with the best MRE information and products out there,” says Connelly. “This simplified, consumer-centric design makes stocking up on emergency food easy.”

MREInfo has been a trusted source of MRE information for almost 15 years, and hopes this innovative store concept and website redesign will help address the challenges of purchasing MREs online.



Since 2001, MREInfo has provided comprehensive and reliable information about MREs and other ration products in both civilian and military capacities. MREInfo began operations just after Y2K when interest in emergency preparedness food was high and but information was scarce. Today, thousands of civilians and military personnel rely on MREInfo as their number one source for military ration information. MREInfo also provides a discussion forum for rations enthusiasts worldwide to contribute to and collaborate on the existing MRE data base.



Madison Kotack
Digital Marketing Manager
MRE Marketplace